I am writing to reflect, explore, and investigate. I have no specific destination, but I do have an over-abundance of motives that led me to begin here.  It is my hope, other than becoming the next Rowling or Tolkein, that the random assortments of my writings unwind into something inspiring to myself and to others.

I like life, but am not struck by it enough. The unfortunate reality for me, most of the time, is to be jaded or bored, constantly wanting something more exciting. I don’t like that I think that way, so I want to build upon the bits of joy, hope, love, and curiosities I’ve experienced, which have brought me to the realest versions of feeling alive.

That said, my words will be written to compliment and admire the enormity of this planet’s intelligence, beauty, and connectedness. These writings will always be incomplete pieces of a ginormous puzzle, chapters of a sophisticated novel, and scenes of an epic movie; they will never reach the ultimate, grand finale.

But, here’s to the journey.